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How Technology Can be Applied and Ensure Effective and Safe Reopening of Schools

Right now every country in the world has been affected by the corona virus epidemic directly or indirectly. During the epidemic, the healthcare system was overwhelmed by the large figure of sick individual and also the economy scaled downwards due to the lockdown. The citizens of various countries have the chance of enjoying normal life because the governments are reopening the economic after they have flattened the corona virus infection curve. The education field requires a lot of planning to ensure that we are reopening the schools safely. Schools have been closed during all that time of the corona virus epidemic, and both the parents and students have been affected a lot by the closure of schools. Schools are critical in the growth of the child as it provides social support and learning environment for the students. Due to that, technology is viewed as a solution to the safe reopening of schools, and to learn more about it to ensure that you checked it out! Here.

The cost of production of computing devices has lowered due to the use of advanced technology, so we have powerful computing devices in the market that are cheaper than before. The computing devices that can be used to make sure the reopening of schools is effective to have become affordable to most people. With the access of internet the computing devices have various platforms installed that can be used to join to the virtual classes which the students can continue learning. Some of the installed platforms include teams, skype, and zoom which students can use to join the virtual classes. With the virtual classes, schools will be reopening, and students will not be required to get to the physical school, check it out! more here.

Social distancing are some of the measurements that the school will require to adapt if the student physically attend school. Due to that schools have to make sure that students and parents are aware of the coronavirus epidemic. Within the school’s premises, there are various technologies that need to be installed that will facilitate the safe reopening of schools. During this period emergency services are vital therefore schools require to have a radio that has access to the frequency used by emergency services. The frequency radio will be used to get assistance from the emergency services department in the case of any danger. Also within the school premises there should be an in build an emergency communication system that can be used during any emergency.

The school should have a public address system that will assist in having less congestion. The system will be used to pass information to all or specific students within the school premises without the need of converging together.